Transitioning from one career path to another is never easy.

Adam spent six years playing in the ARL/NRL from both Manly and the Raiders, before retiring and becoming a foreman for a local building company and quickly moving up to second in charge because of his motivation, strong leadership skills and ability to work hard.

Adam always had the desire to run his own business

A few years ago, Adam was at the crossroads of wanting to turn this dream into reality but was anxious to take the plunge. We invested our time in Adam and really got to know him and quickly understood his ability and the huge upside by going out on his own. We worked side by side and provided him council when required and pushed him past any doubts he was having or hurdles that arose.

We assisted throughout the entire process and ran the contract negotiations on Adam’s behalf as well as working with the lawyers and banks ensuring he understood the paperwork that was put in front of him. Furthermore, we worked on having the back-end processes, procedures and accounting functionality set up ready to go from day one. This allowed Adam to focus on what he does best and to have confidence knowing that his business is going in the right direction.

Fast forward to the current day, Peters Building Company has experienced an average of 40% growth year on year with Benchmarc playing an instrumental role in providing advice around the growth strategy, structuring and day to day operations to ensure continued and sustainable success.

We will always be grateful for the opportunity to be involved with such a motivated and hard worker like Adam.