No matter what you want, we’ll take you there.

We’re a new kind of financial advisory firm that’s made up of a select group of dedicated professionals determined to deliver positive financial and social outcomes.


We work to create positive financial and social outcomes for our clients. Our opportunity to help individuals, and drive meaningful businesses to make the world a better place, has never been so relevant.

Our purpose is to help our clients prosper by providing them with a wide array of relevant services and solutions to help them better manage their finances. We turn knowledge and information into value for clients through enduring relationships built on genuine understanding and trust.

Our way of thinking.

We started Benchmarc in 2013 to avoid the traditional structure of the firms we had worked in before. We had a vision to bring together a wide range of people and disciplines to inspire new thinking, solve big problems and collaborate with individuals and businesses who believed they can create change.

Our business isn’t a show business—we’re not in it for the glory. The work we do isn’t magic and there isn’t a secret sauce or calculator that we all use to be ‘strategic’.

We’re a group of people who come together with a broad range of experience across a wide range of sectors—from strategy and accounting, to insurance and business. We have deep levels of expertise in relevant areas and ensure that we work closely with our clients.

That’s why we’re not afraid of a progressive approach to what we do; to lead and to challenge the way people think about their finances.


Our clients have always looked to us for our expertise. But they also look to us to because of our genuine and progressive values mirror their own.

Whatever stage of life you are at, a sound financial strategy will help you build, maintain and even pass on your wealth. We strive to help individuals achieve their personal financial goals and prepare for the next stage of their life. They share similar values and embrace the long-term journey with us.

For businesses, we seek relationships with organisations that stand for something. Businesses who are driven by a relentless commitment to their vision—big or small. They are visionaries, leaders and craftspeople. They are the minds behind ideas, products, services and experiences who fundamentally believe in building their business to drive generational success.