One size never fits all.

That’s why we combine the experience, insight and advice of an entire team of industry experts to offer you a truly personalised approach to accounting to take you where you want to go.

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Financial Advice

This is why you can
have nice things.

Our team is dedicated to sustainable growing your wealth.

And with the experienced network of brokers, lawyers and financial planners working towards your goals, wherever you want to go just got a whole lot closer.

Individual Tax Returns

Maximum return.
Minimum hassle.

Come tax time, some people just want a no-strings-attached return that maximises their cash in hand. Others require a tailored range of additional services, from risk management to strategy consulting—leaving no stone unturned and ensuring full protection.

Whatever your individual needs, we’ll take care of it all. With our multidisciplinary approach, you don’t just get the same old compliance-based services. You get integrated financial advice that is personally relevant and helps you excel. At Benchmarc, we make finances a breeze. That ought to put the wind back in your sails.


Get the right advice.

The right financial advice can make all the difference in life. Simple or complex. Specific or general. Once-off or ongoing. If you’ve got questions, we’ve got the answers. Our planners will help you define your goals and set up a financial roadmap that lets you enjoy more of what you love, today and into the future.


Dream, meet reality.

Want to invest? Move into your dream home sooner? Fund a Broadway musical? Everybody’s financial goals are unique. It’s our job to make them a reality. And with the right loan and the support of a dedicated team of brokers, lawyers and financial planners, whatever you want just got a whole lot closer.


Plan today.
Play tomorrow.

Having a good plan in place today means having more of what you love in the future. It might even get you there sooner. From selecting a super fund to ensuring you’re getting the most out of it, our team of superannuation specialists are experts in providing strong long-term advice and performance that can help you through every stage of your working life—and into retirement.

Whatever your case, we’ll help you create an effective, successful, rewarding super plan for tomorrow.

We approach every client in a multi-disciplinary way—bringing together a broad team of industry experts to deliver you a truly unique approach focussed on success.