One size never fits all.

When it comes to achieving your goals, we don't want business as usual. We want to cultivate powerful, positive change that helps you achieve the outcomes you've always aimed for.

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Nothing beats
a good book.

Small teams. Dedicated bookkeepers. And the full resources of the wider Benchmarc group at your disposal. Our flat structure means more focus on you, better outcomes for your business and an easier overall process.

And because we view accounting with a big picture approach, we can also help identify opportunities and better incorporate this function into your business.


Every number
tells a story.

Behind every financial report there is a story to be told and we see ourselves as scholars of financial literatures. We take pride in discovering, learning and understanding your business when we prepare your financial reports and in doing so you will not only receive a set of financial report but you will gain a better understanding of your business operations.

To us, every number is a narrative into gaining an intimate insight of your business, having this knowledge allows us to support you in writing your next chapter.


Your business is our business. Let's do this together.

Our job is to help your business grow. And we take it very seriously. Our joint success lies in truly getting to know your business and objectives just as well as you do. As business advisors, that means bringing together our experienced advice, tools and people to help you make positive long-term business decisions with confidence. Innovative? We think invaluable.


Invest best.

Maybe you’re expanding your business. Maybe you’re investing. Or reinvesting. Or even just trying to stay afloat. Whatever the case, having the right finances available—backed by the right advice—can make all the difference.

And because we approach all our clients in a tailored and multidisciplinary way, we’re able to help you make well informed decisions that maximise your borrowing potential while minimising risk and repayments. Not to mention finding you the best rate. That means you can continue to focus on what really matters most: running your business.

System Architecture

Get your head into the clouds.

Secret to success or business failure? Digital disruption is more than just a buzz phrase.

Like the technology it symbolises, digital disruption is one of the most powerful forces within business today that has brought entire industries to their knees. It has become a case of innovate or die.

Our team turns disruptive technologies into powerful tools that allow us to design financial systems and build infrastructure to provide businesses with power. Further to this we understand that every business is different and there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” solution. By embracing disruptive technologies our system architects will work with you to design, create and implement a financial system that tailors to your business needs. As the business world evolves let us partner with you in evolving your business to adapt and succeed against these challenges.


We're super heroes.

Managing employee superannuation can be difficult for businesses of any size. Ensuring compliance, choosing funds, keeping records, addressing questions… the list goes on.

Luckily, we have dedicated specialists who can manage almost every aspect of it for you. Empowering your employees, contributing to their future, and incentivising stronger team players. And our regular check-ups ensure your superannuation program is always optimised, delivering maximum benefit to you and your employees. Nice job, boss.

When it comes to achieving your goals, we don't want business as usual. We want to cultivate powerful, positive change that helps you achieve the outcomes you've always aimed for.